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Life International Academy is Educating the next generation of Global Change-makers to build a better greener future. Based on the true principles of the Montessori Philosophy, International Education and Sustainable Living. Instilling ethical standards in each student through our "Path of Virtue" to develop global citizens of the world.

Our Mission

To provide a global education that celebrates our humanity, diversity and Earth; To empower students with academic excellence anchored in a path of virtue that raises up servant leaders in an ever-changing world. 

Our Vision

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            International Academy strives to be the most innovative learning center Specializing in


Multilingualism that fosters students' global-mindedness. LIA curriculum is Based on the true principles of the Montessori Philosophy & Naturalism Education. LIFE instills an ethical standard in each student and encourages them to seek a higher purpose than self. 

LIFE offers a balanced, holistic setting that nourishes students' intellectual, emotional and physical well-being through a joyful pursuit of educational excellence.

LIFE International Academy is more than a school; it is a lifestyle uniting the community to build a better, more peaceful world.

What Makes

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Montessori education

Montessori screen-free learning approach cultivates creativity, independence, and critical thinking. Fostering the love of learning in a dynamic ever-changing world. 

Green School philosophy

Our Green campus and outdoor learning environment ignite a sense of natural curiosity in students. Connecting with Mother Earth through gardening, composting, recycling and more.

Life-Skills Based Learning (LBL)

A bold approach to Preparing students for life, building their resilience & and empathy to become the change-makers of the world. learning Financial literacy, mindfulness, entrepreneurship, and more.

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International Languages Program

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Montessori Language-Immersion Program specializing in Arabic and Mandarin the two most sought languages in the world. Offering the 1st Arabic Montessori Green School in the Fl. More languages to be added in the future.

The Life Pledge

DOTOKU ど特  - Makarem  مكارم

A unique patent-pending ethics program inspired by the Japanese moral curriculum (Path of Virtue) and the Arabic heritage (Makarem) will be implemented to instill ethical standards in each student, encouraging them to build a higher purpose than self.                  

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