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Employmet Form
 Employment Application
Welcome to Life International Academy! Thank you for your interest in a position at our school. Please answer all questions, even if the information is provided in your resume. DO NOT SKIP any questions. Skipping a response will render your application incomplete. Along with your application, please email your resume and at least three reference letters to our school email address: Applications will only be processed when all required documents are received.  Thank you for your interest in joining our exceptional LIFE team!
Personal Information
Position Information
Criminal Conviction History

Answering “yes” to any of the questions below will not necessarily bar you from employment. Each case will be judged on its own merit with respect to time, circumstances, seriousness and type of position.


Be prepared to provide official transcripts for all post-high school coursework.

Employment History

List all employment starting with your current or most recent job. Account for all periods including unemployment, U.S. military service and volunteer work. If you list military service as work experience, you must attach a copy of your DD214.

Essay Questions

This section is a mandatory requirement for all teaching and administrative positions within our school. Skipping a response to this question will render your application incomplete, and it will not be processed. We emphasize the utmost importance of honesty and integrity throughout our application process. Non-compliance with this requirement will result in the disqualification of your application. 

Certification, Authorization and Signature

I hereby consent to the release of any information maintained about me by all previous employers, educational institutions, law enforcement authorities, licensing boards or any other entity, agency, or individual which the school may contact to secure references or records. I hereby authorize Life International Academy to release information concerning my employment to any prospective employer or others seeing to verify my employment with Life International Academy. I hereby release Life International Academy from all liability for any truthful statement made by an employee, agent or official of Life International Academy, authorized by Human Resources, which is made to any prospective employer and waive any claim that might arise from any such statement. I consent to the use of my social security number for Life International Academy business. I certify that the information and answers I entered on this Application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I further understand that any false statements or omissions made on this application or supplement may be grounds for immediate discharge or removal from consideration of employment. Finally, I acknowledge and agree to, as a post offer requirement, to be fingerprinted and have a background check if it is required for the position for which I am seeking.

Employment Application Checklist

Thanks for submitting! Someone from our team will reach out to you shortly with the following steps. We look forward to meeting with you. 

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