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Gift Life Initiative 

GIFT LIFE is an unparalleled endeavor to bring education to the heart of underprivileged communities locally and globally. Locally our First location will be offering 35% of its students Full scholarships to attend our school at no charge to qualified families. We cannot do this without your generous contribution towards a child scholarship. 


Globally, Life International Academy is firmly committed to building schools in impoverished cities and refugee camps where they are needed the most in the US and across the world. This initiative stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to making a lasting impact by extending the invaluable gift of education to those who need it most.

 GIFT LIFE embodies the virtues of our school, catalyzing transformative change, uplifting communities, nurturing talent, and instilling hope in the hearts of those who have faced unimaginable challenges. Rooted in academic excellence and guided by our organization's virtues of Makarem, GIFT LIFE offers a lifeline of hope and opportunity to countless children, breaking the chains of poverty through the transformative power of education.


Join us in this global endeavor as we work towards creating a legacy that transcends borders, shaping a brighter future for generations to come. GIFT LIFE where education becomes the universal language of change, and virtues pave the way for a better world. Become part of this IMPACT whether you decide to educate a Child at our first LIFE location or Gift a school for an underprivileged community. Your contribution will be an ongoing charity with a lifelong lasting impact on a child's future. 

Outdoor Class

Create the first Green-Arabic-Montessori Pilot school in the US.
Innovate education through Life Skills-Based Learning (LBL)
Fund scholarships for low-income families in the community.
Train and certify Arabic language teachers in Montessori philosophy.
Seed a global LIFE International Academies Network of schools.
Graduate global learners with high virtues to IMPACT the world.
Take urgent action to protect Earth and promote children's well-being.

Lead the "GIFT LIFE" initiative, gifting a Life school to vulnerable children worldwide.

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