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2024-25 Tuition

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Tuition 2024-25
Out-of-pocket Annual Tuition Not including Florida Step Up Scholarships ( Average of $7,000 )

Elementary         ( Grades 1st-5th ):   __________________    $16,000
Middle School    ( Grades 6th-8th ):  
__________________    $18,000
TUITION INCLUDES: Uniforms, Daily Hot Lunch, Books, School Supplies, Testing and Technology fees.

Tuition subject to change pending scholarships approval and family qualifications for financial aid.  

Income-based Tuition  (for qualifying families)

At Life International Academy, we uphold the belief that high-quality education should be accessible to every child, regardless of their socioeconomic status. To support this, we've implemented an income-based tuition scholarship for the 2024-2025 academic year for families that qualify for financial aid. Our out-of-pocket tuition fees are tailored to household finances, ranging from 1.0% to 10.0% of the household's Adjusted Gross Income (AGI). Depending on eligibility for Florida scholarships, annual tuition at Life International Academy can vary, ranging from as low as $500 to a maximum of $10,000 per academic year, while funds are available in our scholarship budget through the support of generous donors and partners. 


Beginning in 2023, all Florida residents have become eligible for scholarships to attend private schools, regardless of income level. We strongly encourage families to apply for these scholarships as early as possible, maximizing their chances of securing financial support and enhancing educational opportunities.

 Our tuition covers a 10-month program from August to May and includes all essential elements such as books, educational materials, testing, technology, uniforms, and a daily nutritious lunch (All fees are included). While students have the option to pack their own lunch, it's important to note that, for the safety of our students, we maintain a Nut-Free school environment and prioritize instilling healthy eating habits (our food guidelines provided in parents handbook).

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Extended Programs (Optional)
School hours are tentatively from 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM 
Extended school day is from 7:00am to 6:00pm

Before-school program (Starts at 7:00 am)

After-school program (Ends at 6:00 pm)

Before & after school program (7:00 am - 6:00 pm)

Summer & Winter Camps





Payments and Fees

Application Fee                            

Registration Deposit 


$30   (Non-refundable- Email us for a waiver in case of hardship at:

$250 (Non-refundable deposit due upon acceptance and will be applied in full toward last month's tuition payment. Financial aid will be applied for qualifying families)



Any refunds are made in accordance with LIA policies at the sole discretion of LIA school officials. All fees (application, enrollment, tuition, etc.) that LIA school officials deem as refundable will be refunded less any transaction or processing fees. The tuition examples provided on this website are estimates and are subject to change pending the application process and family qualifications. The exact amount will be emailed to families once the application and financial documents are processed. Thank you for your understanding!

Gift Life Initiative

Gift Life Initiative

LIFE International Academy (LIA) is a non-profit organization with an exceptional and impactful mission. Our school is designed to serve a diverse socio-economic student body where one-third of our seats are reserved by design to low-income families. Our income-based tuition allows families to contribute to the "Gift Life" initiative, providing educational opportunities for students in need. Modeling our Life Virtues and Makarem, LIFE Students will be involved in our global impact by contributing to "GIFT LIFE" Initiative offering the gift of education to underprivileged and displaced children worldwide. Rooted in academic excellence and guided by the virtues of our students, Gift LIFE is a lifeline of hope and opportunity for countless children, breaking the chains of poverty through the transformative power of education.
Join us and be the catalyst for transformative change and leave a legacy behind in giving hope to children gifting them the gift of education.  
Thank you for investing in your child's future at Life International Academy and making a
positive impact on children's lives around the world. 

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