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Each student will be provided a uniform package as part of the tuition. Extra items are available for purchase from our approved vendor Red’s Team Sports.


Life International Academy expects families to embrace our uniform program to establish an environment of respect, modesty, and a focus on academia. Life students & staff are expected to align with the school's naturalistic philosophy, which discourages the display of logos and brand names on Free-Dress days, preventing disparities among students. Our students are encouraged to embrace the naturalistic vision of the school, grounded in virtues, and avoid flashy brand names that other students might not be able to afford. Life students are humble and modest, not aspiring to look flashy to be stars. We focus on inner beauty and intelligence, striving to resemble the ladies and gentlemen who will lead the way as future change-makers in the world

  All uniforms must be purchased from this uniform company.
        Red’s Team Sports
        Address: 4542 Eagle Falls Pl, Tampa, FL 33619
        Tel: 813-612-5999

Dress Code Policy

Learners must wear their uniforms in the appropriate manner as outlined in the student handbook: no sagging, no alterations, and it must be appropriate in fit and length. All uniform pieces must be purchased from the uniform company.


  • Tops: School Polo Shirt, short or long sleeve options available in school colors Kelly Green and Royal Blue; Comes in dri-fit and cotton options. 

  • Belt: Middle School learners are required to wear a belt each day with tucked-in school uniform polo shirts. Only black or navy colors in leather or cloth are permitted. No decorated belts (with graphics, studs, etc.) are allowed. 

  • Bottoms: Navy color bottoms for all. Boys must wear shorts or pants; girls may wear knee-length shorts, skorts or pants.

  • Shoes: Plain Tennis shoes or uniform dress shoes only. All shoes must be closed toe and closed heel. Any open front toe or back, flipflops, crocs, sandals, boots, high heels, wheels or light-up shoes are not permitted.

  • Physical Education (PE): Uniform tops and navy blue or black bottom shorts or sports pants. Athletic/tennis shoes must be worn during PE for safety reasons.

  • Outerwear: LIA uniform jackets or similar plain navy or royal blue jackets only. No Logos, graphics or distracting decorations allowed.

  • Accessories: Simple and small non-flashy accessories are allowed only. Hats, hoods, or sunglasses are not allowed inside the building. Hats purchased from our uniform store are permitted for use only during field trips and sports academies. Gardening boots and gloves are to be kept at the school for gardening activities. Religious head covering is allowed in white or black only. 

  • House Socks or Shoes: Our campus is shoe-free, and all students will be provided with anti-slip socks to wear indoors. House shoes are also allowed to remain on campus


LIA Non-Uniform Days Policy: There will be non-uniform days for special events as designated by school
administration. To maintain a healthy, safe, and orderly environment, the following guidelines shall be used as standards at all school events:

  • Tops of appropriate fit – nothing too tight, revealing or see-through (no tank tops, spaghetti straps or revealing of belly).

  • Bottoms of appropriate fit and length; no sagging below the waistline (shorts/skirts/skorts must be knee length or longer). Jeans may not have rips, holes, tears, frayed edges. No Yoga tights or spandex.


All uniforms must be purchased from uniform company:

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